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Emergency vehicle vs. car accidents can be deadly

Kentucky drivers are aware of the need to be aware and attentive when there are emergency vehicles in the area. Fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles and ambulances are often on the streets and traveling at significant speeds to get to their destination to help others. However, these vehicles are not always in a rush to get to an accident and their drivers can make mistakes just like anyone else. When there is a crash because an emergency vehicle violated the law by failing to yield, there can be ambulance-car accidents that could cause injuries and death - just what those in the ambulance are trying to help people get through. In these accidents, those who were involved or lost a loved one must remember their rights to consider a lawsuit.

Distracted driving car accidents still a pressing worry

In Kentucky and throughout the United States, drivers seemingly cannot resist the urge to grab their cellphones at the first opportunity. These distracted driving behaviors take place regardless of lawmakers and law enforcement entrusting drivers not to do so because of the danger of car accidents accompanying the practice. People can do many things on their cellphones and as a new study indicates, the latest trend is that people are shunning talking on the phone and simply use it to perform other tasks.

Risk of car accidents clear as pregnant woman loses baby

In Kentucky, drivers who are in a car accident are expected to stop and remain at the scene to ensure everyone involved is safe and to call for help if they are not. Some, however, choose not to do that and flee. When there is a hit-and-run car accident, it is a criminal act. It makes matters worse when there are injuries and the driver still decides that it is preferable to leave rather than face the consequences of a crash. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in hit-and-run car accidents, the long-term consequences can be terrible. This is especially true if one of the victims was in a late-term pregnancy.

Pedestrian-car accidents still worrisome in Lexington

Drivers and pedestrians know the risks there are on the road and should be cognizant of strategies for everyone to remain safe. Still, pedestrian-car accidents happen quite frequently and they can result in injuries and fatalities. Because pedestrians are devoid of the protections that people in vehicles have, they can suffer broken bones, cuts, spinal cord damage, head trauma and more. Those who have been affected must remember the costs involved with these accidents if there are injuries. When there are fatalities, it is even more important.

Victims in car accidents must get legal help

The roads in Lexington can be treacherous at any time, but the winter and the holiday season can combine with common dangers that are in place year-round and put people in jeopardy. No one expects to leave their home, get into a vehicle and be involved in a collision with injuries and death, but it is an unfortunate truth that this happens every day. People can suddenly find themselves dealing with catastrophic injuries and the loss of a loved one with everything that goes along with such a terrible occurrence. The financial and personal aspects are often the last things that people think about after a crash, but it is imperative to realize the problems that can accrue and consider a legal filing.

Fatal hit-and-run pedestrian-car accidents will result in arrests

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life throughout Kentucky. Every day, people are injured or lose their lives in a crash and the aftermath is always difficult for the family left behind. Especially egregious are cases where a person had an accident and fled the scene. When the crash is between a vehicle and a pedestrian, the driver choosing to flee the scene is significantly worse because of the vulnerability pedestrians have. Even in low-speed pedestrian-car accidents, people are prone to broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and death. After a hit-and-run in which a pedestrian has been killed, the family must consider all options to recover compensation through a legal filing.

Fatal pedestrian-car accidents a concern in Lexington

People who are out walking in Lexington might think there is a minuscule chance of being injured or killed in pedestrian-car accidents. Technically, that may be a realistic belief. However, many are unaware of the statistics for the number of pedestrians who have been killed in 2018. In Lexington, there have been more fatal pedestrian accidents in 2018 than ever before. The numbers have been tracked since 1996. In 2008, there were 10 such fatalities. That total was reached again in 2016. In 2018, there have been 13 to date. People should be cognizant of these numbers and be aware of what they will face in the aftermath of pedestrian-car accidents.

Hit-and-run pedestrian car accidents cause injuries

The roads in Lexington and throughout Kentucky can be treacherous at any time of day, but it is after midnight when people who are out on the road need to exercise extra caution. With the number of drivers who get behind the wheel when under the influence, are driving while distracted and that operate their vehicle recklessly and negligently, danger lurks around every corner. These behaviors are exacerbated at night. If it is a pedestrian accident, it is even more dangerous and the victims are prone to serious injury and death. This is worse when it is a hit-and-run. After a crash, it is important to understand the importance of legal assistance.

Misuse of new auto safety systems can spark car accidents

Kentucky drivers might feel a sense of security with newer vehicles and the installed safety systems that frequently come with them. Anything to help people be safer on the road and avoid car accidents is a positive development. However, it is increasingly common that drivers who have these systems on their vehicles are not fully competent in using them. This can lead to dangers because of the systems as the drivers tend to lapse out of a sense of security that should not be there. Recent information has shown this to be the case via a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Crash involving child shows DUI can be deadly

Any car accident in Lexington and throughout Kentucky can have terrible consequences. When the accident involves a child and a driver who was under the influence, it is significantly worse because of the senseless nature and recklessness involved. With a child, the long-term damage to the family can be suffocating. A legal claim cannot bring the child back, but it can seek to hold the responsible party accountable for the accident.

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