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Danger of bike vs. car accidents evident after hit-and-run crash

Kentucky drivers are expected to stop and help others who might have been injured after car accidents. This is especially true when it is an accident between a car and a bicycle. Since bicyclists are so vulnerable to injuries and fatalities, time and acting rapidly can be the differentiating factors in helping someone who was hit by a motor vehicle when on a bicycle. If the driver chooses to flee the scene, it goes from an accident to an act that could lead to criminal charges. These situations are worse when the accident is with a child on a bicycle. Those who have been hurt in these car accidents should be aware of their options to seek compensation.

The dangers of distracted driving and cellphone usage by drivers

For most people, it would be difficult to get through the day without using a cellphone. To many, this piece of technology is their lifeline. It provides communication capabilities as well as entertainment. Whether it is for work or personal matters, many individuals tend to also use their phones wile driving. While it is well known that this growing trend is dangerous, many still partake in it. Unfortunately, it does not matter how good of a driver a person is, when a motorist is distracted because of cellphone use, it could cause a serious automobile accident.

Lexington car crash sends 2 to hospital

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle, one thing is clear: this activity deserves and requires the full attention of the driver. Whether it is for a mere second to answer a phone call, change the radio station or look at a passenger in a vehicle, not keeping one's eyes on the road, hands on the wheel or mind on driving can cause a serious automobile collision. This not only puts a motorist in danger but also others traveling near them on the roadways.

Guiding you through legal action following a car crash

Whether it is a holiday weekend or any regular summer day, the increase in traffic during the summer months is easily seen on roads in Kentucky and any other state in the nation. Increased traffic means an increased risk of automobile collisions. Even if a motorist is not travel a great distance, a negligent driver could collide with another vehicle at any moment. No matter if it is because of distractions, recklessness or intoxication, an accident victim could suffer greatly because of a negligent motorist.

Kentucky law enforcement cracks down on texting while driving

Hitting the road for long and small trips is common for Kentucky residents. Whether they are heading to a family gathering, a party at a friend's house or road tripping for a vacation, traffic tends to increase on the roadways in Kentucky and elsewhere. Thus, law enforcement is on the lookout for individuals that may be violating laws that could lead car accidents. One major concern on the roads is distracted driving, as it is considered to be just as or even more dangerous than drunk driving.

Helping you initiate a civil action following a car crash

When we travel by an accident site, we often wonder what happened. While we cannot gain much information by taking a simple glimpse, it is often clear when an accident is severe, involving damages to the vehicles involved and causing injuries to occupants. Although some crashes are minor, involving minimal property damage and no injuries, the fact is that many automobile crashes occurring in Kentucky and elsewhere involve serious and even fatal injuries.

Damages for pain and suffering in a car accident

Many Kentucky residents rely on their personal vehicles to get around. While motor vehicles have gotten safe over, the roads can be a rather dangerous place. Distractions are all over the place, and some motorists find it difficult to keep these distractions at bay. Distracted driving is only one negligent behavior that can create risks and dangers on the roads; however, it is one that can cause serious harms to those involved in a car accident.

Helping protect our client's rights following a car crash

When we travel past an accident site, we likely feel upset and concern for those involved. However, we also feel relief that it was not us. We often think that this will never happen to us. We feel like we cannot fall victim to a serious traffic accident. Unfortunately, every time a person gets behind the wheel, he or she increases their chance of being involved in an automobile accident.

18 students injured in Kentucky bus crash

During the weekday, students often rely on school buses to transport them to and from their home and school. While this is a very common and relatively safe way to travel to and from school, these large vehicles can present some dangers on the roadways. They do not maneuver the same way as smaller vehicles, require more distance to stop and they have large blind spots. Bus drivers are tasked with driving these vehicles safely and according to current regulations. Additionally, other motorists are required to follow the rules of the road and obey and additional rules when traveling near school buses.

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