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How often is nursing home abuse or neglect reported?

For many individuals in Kentucky and elsewhere, they are tasked with making decisions for an aging loved one. Whether this is all spelled out in a health care plan or it is decided when the time comes, putting an elderly family member in a nursing home is anything but easy. However, taking this step is often necessary. Often times, these facilities are equipped with everything one needs and the care required. However, this unfortunately isn't always the case. Something negligence and abuse can occur at a nursing home.

What is nursing home negligence?

As we age and near our elderly years, it is likely clear that someone at some point will have to care for us if we no longer can. While we would hope for our family to be the one to step in and care for us, the reality is that this is often far too much of a task for our loved ones. Therefore, the again population will consider their options at nursing home facilities. While nursing home can provide the necessary care one requires, the facility might fail to meet the needs of a resident, even causing them some serious harm.

Understanding nursing home abuse

Because people are living longer than ever before, it is becoming more and more important to establish plans for the end of one's life. Ideally, we like to think of our loved ones caring for us when we no longer can. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task, as it is likely that our loved ones will still be working or enjoying their retirement. Thus, many turn to nursing home facilities to provide this necessary care. While many of these facilities are safe and pleasant places to live, others fail to meet basic standards, causing residents to be put at risk.

Kentucky nursing home blamed for man's death

At some point, we must face seeing an aging loved one dealing with depreciating health issues. While this happens to everyone as they get older, this does not make the process any easier. It might be ideal to care for an elderly loved one, but this is not always a reality. For many residents, nursing homes are their best options. These facilities often have the resources and needs to care for the elderly; however, errors and mistakes can also happen, putting the health and lives of residents at risk.

What damages are suffered from nursing home negligence and abuse?

Kentuckians all want what is best for our loved ones. As they age, though, it might be difficult to care for them in their old age. In some cases, the best option for them is to live in a nursing home facility. These facilities are often equipped with all the needs one has, providing nurses and caregivers to help care for them. While many nursing homes meet or exceed the needs and expectations of their residents, others fail to do so by not ensuring the health and wellbeing on their residents.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

Thanks to modern medicine and the tendency to live an active lifestyle, Americans are living longer than ever. Because of this, individuals in Kentucky and elsewhere must take the time to plan for their care later in life. For some families, this means family members taking care of aging loved ones. In some cases, nursing homes are designated where a loved one will live and be cared for in their old age. But, choosing a nursing home comes with its own perils, like nursing home abuse.

Understanding the signs of nursing home neglect

Many of us will go through this cycle. Our parents care for us from birth until adulthood, and then we care for our parents as they age and are no longer able to care for him or herself. While it might be ideal for an individual to care for their own parent in their household, this can be especially burdensome when it interferes with the ability to maintain a job, as it can become a full-time job in itself. Thus, many are often faced with the decision to place their aging loved ones in nursing homes.

Taking action against nursing home neglect and abuse

As loved ones age, we have to make difficult decisions. If it is clear that he or she cannot care for him or herself anymore, it might be time to discuss placement in a nursing home. These facilities are equipped with professionals that can provide the necessary care for them. While there are many reputable nursing homes throughout Kentucky and the entire nation, there are still instances where abuse and neglect occur.

What factors increase the risk of nursing home abuse and neglect?

People in Lexington with an elderly loved one may understand just how vulnerable many of these people are when it comes to their health and well-being. It is important that these people receive quality care that allows them to live out the remainder of their life in comfort. Unfortunately, instances of elder abuse do occur, even in nursing homes. The following are some factors that may make a person more susceptible to nursing home abuse and neglect.

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