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A lawyer can help with a case after rear end car accidents

There are many kinds of auto accidents in Kentucky from head-on collisions to T-bone crashes to auto-pedestrian accidents and much more. One type of accident that is growing in frequency for a variety of reasons is rear end car accidents. People who are not paying attention to the road by looking at a device, changing a radio station, are drowsy or doing anything that removes their eyes from where they should be - the road - can cause a crash. Frequently, that crash involves a vehicle that is stopped in front of them. While all car accidents can cause injury and death, rear end crashes are unique in the kinds of issues that can arise in the aftermath. Having legal advice from a law firm that specializes in rear end accidents is essential when considering a case.

Nursing home abuse and neglect includes medication errors

When a Kentucky resident needs to put a loved one in a nursing home, it is done so that person will get the care they need to live a life as comfortable and as free of pain as possible. The residents can be elderly, have illnesses, conditions and injuries. Some will need help to do the basics of life and require medication to deal with their issues. The medical staff is tasked with providing care to ensure the residents are safe and cared for properly. Unfortunately, many facilities across the nation fall short in their stated responsibilities. If residents are injured or lose their lives because of that negligence, a legal filing might be necessary to recover compensation for nursing home abuse and neglect.

New rules to record road hours have not reduced truck accidents

Residents of Kentucky are keenly aware of the dangers large trucks pose when they share the road with them in conventional passenger vehicles. When there is a crash, people are prone to being injured and killed. Federal regulators and law enforcement are avidly seeking strategies to make the roads safe for those on the road with these large vehicles, but as one new study shows, an attempt to regulate the amount of time truckers spend on the road in one sitting has not reduced the number of truck accidents.

Most common injuries for restaurant workers

Kentucky is famous for its rich, delicious cuisine. Bourbon balls and deviled eggs are commonplace for any good potluck in the state. You can also enjoy corn pudding, mutton barbecue and more at countless restaurants in Lexington and beyond. 

Emergency vehicle vs. car accidents can be deadly

Kentucky drivers are aware of the need to be aware and attentive when there are emergency vehicles in the area. Fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles and ambulances are often on the streets and traveling at significant speeds to get to their destination to help others. However, these vehicles are not always in a rush to get to an accident and their drivers can make mistakes just like anyone else. When there is a crash because an emergency vehicle violated the law by failing to yield, there can be ambulance-car accidents that could cause injuries and death - just what those in the ambulance are trying to help people get through. In these accidents, those who were involved or lost a loved one must remember their rights to consider a lawsuit.

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