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Former worker arrested for nursing home abuse and neglect

When families place a loved one in a nursing home, they are doing so for that person to receive the care they need medically and personally. While most facilities will do their best to hire qualified staff and care for their residents, there are some that commit nursing home abuse and neglect. This can come in various ways. Often, family members are unaware of what has happened. When it is discovered, the resident might be injured, ill or even lose their lives. Having legal advice is an important part of seeking compensation through a lawsuit.

Victims in car accidents must get legal help

The roads in Lexington can be treacherous at any time, but the winter and the holiday season can combine with common dangers that are in place year-round and put people in jeopardy. No one expects to leave their home, get into a vehicle and be involved in a collision with injuries and death, but it is an unfortunate truth that this happens every day. People can suddenly find themselves dealing with catastrophic injuries and the loss of a loved one with everything that goes along with such a terrible occurrence. The financial and personal aspects are often the last things that people think about after a crash, but it is imperative to realize the problems that can accrue and consider a legal filing.

Opposite lane truck accidents cause serious injuries

Sharing the road with trucks in Kentucky is a fact of life. People will undoubtedly be reticent and concerned about it, but it is unavoidable. A worst-case scenario is when there are truck accidents and they involve the truck and a smaller vehicle on the highway. The speed at which these vehicles are traveling often lends itself to tragic outcomes with injuries and fatalities. For people who have been in a truck accident or have lost a loved one in a truck crash, the issues they will face in the aftermath make it necessary and wise to consider a legal filing for compensation.

Fatal hit-and-run pedestrian-car accidents will result in arrests

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life throughout Kentucky. Every day, people are injured or lose their lives in a crash and the aftermath is always difficult for the family left behind. Especially egregious are cases where a person had an accident and fled the scene. When the crash is between a vehicle and a pedestrian, the driver choosing to flee the scene is significantly worse because of the vulnerability pedestrians have. Even in low-speed pedestrian-car accidents, people are prone to broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and death. After a hit-and-run in which a pedestrian has been killed, the family must consider all options to recover compensation through a legal filing.

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