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Understanding medical review panels for nursing home and neglect

When a Kentucky resident believes a loved one who had been placed in a nursing home was injured or died because of nursing home and neglect, they will immediately consider the possibility of a legal filing for compensation. In many cases, this is a viable and wise option to hold facilities responsible for their mistakes, negligence, abuse or any other error that led to the person suffering when it could have and should been avoided. However, the law can be complex and one factor that must be considered is the law regarding medical review panels. A decision on a recent court appeal is important in this circumstance.

Fatal pedestrian-car accidents a concern in Lexington

People who are out walking in Lexington might think there is a minuscule chance of being injured or killed in pedestrian-car accidents. Technically, that may be a realistic belief. However, many are unaware of the statistics for the number of pedestrians who have been killed in 2018. In Lexington, there have been more fatal pedestrian accidents in 2018 than ever before. The numbers have been tracked since 1996. In 2008, there were 10 such fatalities. That total was reached again in 2016. In 2018, there have been 13 to date. People should be cognizant of these numbers and be aware of what they will face in the aftermath of pedestrian-car accidents.

For-profit facilities prone to nursing home abuse and neglect

When Kentuckians are considering their alternatives for a place for elderly or infirm loved ones to live and receive the care they need, there are certain factors that must be accounted for to avoid illness, injury and mistreatment. Unfortunately, these things happen frequently and it is not discovered before it is too late. Nursing home abuse and neglect happens every day and a recent study found that there are certain common denominators in the types of facilities at which substandard care is provided. These should be assessed before the person moves into the facility and especially after. One key factor is if it is a for-profit facility.

Be careful walking on a public floor that smells too clean

Any kind of slip-and-fall accident can cause serious injury, but you do not expect trouble when you walk down a clean, dry corridor. Some cleaning agents smell a little too fragrant and flowery, and you should pay attention. They can leave a dangerous residue on the floor, perfect for slipping.

Fatal accident shows risk of detached trailers in truck accidents

Given the number of trucks on the road throughout Kentucky, drivers and passengers who share the road with them will grow accustomed to their presence and think nothing of them being beside them or on the other side of the road. Familiarity, however, does not indicate safety. With large trucks that are often carting trailers, there are a seemingly limitless number of ways in which an accident can occur. One is when the trailer detaches from the cab. Those who have been hurt or lost a loved one in these truck accidents should remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Hit-and-run pedestrian car accidents cause injuries

The roads in Lexington and throughout Kentucky can be treacherous at any time of day, but it is after midnight when people who are out on the road need to exercise extra caution. With the number of drivers who get behind the wheel when under the influence, are driving while distracted and that operate their vehicle recklessly and negligently, danger lurks around every corner. These behaviors are exacerbated at night. If it is a pedestrian accident, it is even more dangerous and the victims are prone to serious injury and death. This is worse when it is a hit-and-run. After a crash, it is important to understand the importance of legal assistance.

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