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Truck accidents can involve tires coming loose from trucks

When Kentucky residents hear the words truck accidents, they will automatically think about mangled vehicles in an unfortunate crash with a semi. Since these large trucks are so prevalent on the roads across the nation, it is common to see accidents. Smaller vehicles do not stand much of a chance when they are involved in a collision with a truck. Accidents can also be caused by items coming loose from the truck and crashing into a vehicle. When this happens, it is imperative for the injured person or the family of a person who died to have legal assistance to consider a lawsuit.

Crash involving child shows DUI can be deadly

Any car accident in Lexington and throughout Kentucky can have terrible consequences. When the accident involves a child and a driver who was under the influence, it is significantly worse because of the senseless nature and recklessness involved. With a child, the long-term damage to the family can be suffocating. A legal claim cannot bring the child back, but it can seek to hold the responsible party accountable for the accident.

Nursing home abuse cited for facility's closure

Kentucky nursing homes are expected to provide proper care to their residents and ensure they are safe and protected. When there is evidence of mistreatment or negligence, injury and illness can result. This can send people to the hospital or even lead to their death. For relatives of nursing home residents who show evidence of abuse or neglect, it is crucial to understand what steps to take.

Risk of truck accidents shown in crash and fire

Truck accidents are a major risk on the road in Kentucky. This is true no matter what time it is or what the weather situation is. Since trucks are a constant on the road and they are so large and travel at significant speeds, a crash with one can lead to severe injuries and death. Innocent bystanders who are simply minding their own business can find themselves with massive medical costs, lost time at work and other problems due to truck accidents. The cargo that trucks are carrying can also be dangerous and they can be heavy adding to the force of impact, or flammable to start a fire.

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