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Lexington car crash sends 2 to hospital

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle, one thing is clear: this activity deserves and requires the full attention of the driver. Whether it is for a mere second to answer a phone call, change the radio station or look at a passenger in a vehicle, not keeping one's eyes on the road, hands on the wheel or mind on driving can cause a serious automobile collision. This not only puts a motorist in danger but also others traveling near them on the roadways.

What are common signs and types of elder abuse?

While it might seem natural to place an aging loved one in a nursing home, it is b no means an easy step to take. Although it is ideal to care for a loved one when it is clear that he or she can no longer care for him or herself, this is not always feasible. In these matters, a nursing home can be an excellent way for loved ones to obtain the care they need. Many of these facilities are perfectly safe, providing adequate care. Unfortunately, some do not meet this standard, as the negligence and ill acts of employees may result in elder abuse.

What is a third-party claim for work injuries?

When you sustain an injury on the job, the first place you probably turn is workers' compensation. These benefits make employers' insurance cover your medical expenses, lost income and other relevant costs. The benefits may be full or partial and last for a short time or for the rest of your life depending on the type and severity of the injury. 

Understanding factors in a fatal truck crash

Large commercial trucks are seen all over the nation, as millions of them are used each year to transport goods and products. While these vehicles are necessary and beneficial, they also present many risks. Trucks do not maneuver the same way as other automobiles, truck drivers are tasked to travel long distances and federal trucking regulations are often violated in order to make deadlines. These situations often lead to risks that can cause truck crashes.

Guiding you through legal action following a car crash

Whether it is a holiday weekend or any regular summer day, the increase in traffic during the summer months is easily seen on roads in Kentucky and any other state in the nation. Increased traffic means an increased risk of automobile collisions. Even if a motorist is not travel a great distance, a negligent driver could collide with another vehicle at any moment. No matter if it is because of distractions, recklessness or intoxication, an accident victim could suffer greatly because of a negligent motorist.

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