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Can I recover damages in Kentucky if I am partially at fault?

Car crashes in Kentucky often have many facets to them. Road conditions, weather conditions and actions or inactions on the part of all drivers involved can combine to result in the car accident. For example, one car may be speeding when it is struck in an intersection by another car that ran a red light. The motorist who was speeding may have been injured in the crash, and may want to pursue a lawsuit against the motorist who ran the red light. However, the motorist bringing the lawsuit may wonder how the fact that they were speeding might affect their ability to seek damages from the other party.

Is Snapchat causing car accidents?

You have likely seen friends and family post selfies featuring the ever-popular dog filer from Snapchat. Maybe you yourself have even used it or use Snapchat’s other fun features. The app, released in 2011, has become both enormously popular and occasionally controversial. Perhaps the most serious controversy yet is the suggestion that it may be partially responsible for some car accidents. According to the Washington Post, Snapchat has been cited in several lawsuits following serious and even fatal car accidents. There are a few reasons why Snapchat may indeed pose a risk to drivers—if you suspect the app was at play in an accident you have been in, consider the following facts.

Drug being investigated in light of possible nursing home abuse

According to a CNN investigation, a drug meant to be given only to those with a rare health condition is being wrongfully used in nursing homes in a manner that is not only unnecessary, but is even dangerous. The drug, Nuedexta, is used to treat pseudobulbar affect, which causes a person to laugh or cry uncontrollably. Less than 1 percent of individuals in the United States have this disorder, and they are mainly those who suffer from other conditions, such as Lou Gehrig's disease or multiple sclerosis.

Will the advent of automation lead to fewer truck accidents?

Technology is evolving at an impressive rate. Advancements that once seemed to be the stuff of science fiction have now become a part of our everyday lives. This includes advancements in the automotive industry. One of these advancements includes the development of "driverless" vehicles. People in Lexington may wonder whether autonomous semi-trucks in particular are a safer option than traditional vehicles.

Rear-end car accidents can cause severe injuries

It may have happened when you were stopped at a stop sign, a red light or simply a slow-down in traffic. In your rear-view window you see another vehicle approaching you, quickly. Before you know it, "Bam!" The vehicle has rear-ended you. Unfortunately, situations like this happen in Lexington all too often.

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