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Semi-trucks are an essential part of commerce in Kentucky and nationwide. They make it possible for goods produced in Kentucky to be shipped as far away as Maine or California and everywhere in between. However, there are dangers associated with having semi-trucks on the road.

First of all, it takes training to be a semi-truck driver. These vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. They must make wide turns, and they cannot stop on a dime. It is important that semi-truck drivers understand the limitations of their vehicles and handle them accordingly. If a semi-truck driver fails to operate their vehicle with due care, it could cause an accident.

Then, there is the issue of truck driver fatigue. Truck drivers are often incentivized by their employers to make as many deliveries as possible as quickly as possible. While federal law limits the amount of time a semi-truck driver can be on the road before they must take a rest break, there will always be those who break the law and drive beyond these limits. A fatigued driver is a dangerous driver, especially when their vehicle is the size and weight of a semi-truck. If a truck driver nods off while behind the wheel, this could also cause an accident.

Moreover, due to the sheer laws of physics, a standard automobile is simply no match for a semi-truck in an accident. Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. They can lead to extensive medical bills, the need for months of rehabilitation and could result in lost wages and pain and suffering. Therefore, victims of truck accidents may want to do what is necessary to seek compensation for their losses. The first step they may want to take is to consult with an attorney.

For example, the legal team at the Law Offices of Herren & Adams, LLP, understand the unique challenges truck accident claims face. When it comes to truck accidents, it can help to leave the legal issues in the hands of professionals, so you can focus on healing. The firm's website has more information about truck accident claims in Kentucky that may be of use to truck accident victims.

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