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Even police officers can injure others in DUI car accidents

Kentucky drivers will understand the dangers of drunk driving accidents. Injuries and fatalities can happen because of them. When there is a drunk driving accident and people are injured, emergency responders and police are the ones who are supposed to assist, not be the driver in a DUI crash. However, there are times where police officers who are off duty will have car accidents and be found to have been under the influence. Since injuries can be long-lasting and costly, those who were injured in a crash must make sure they have legal advice to accrue evidence and pursue compensation in a legal filing.

A law enforcement officer in his personal vehicle crashed into a woman while he was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The accident occurred in the evening at about 6:30 p.m. when the male officer was in his 2018 Chevrolet pickup truck. When on-duty law enforcement arrived to investigate, they found the driver hiding beer bottles. He was tested to determine his blood-alcohol content and it was found to be .159. That is nearly twice the legal limit.

How common is substance abuse among commercial truck drivers?

Like many people across Kentucky, you may experience anxiety anytime you have to drive alongside semi-trucks. Based on their size and weight alone, semi-trucks present substantial hazards for other motorists, but the risks associated with sharing the road with commercial trucks are considerably amplified when people driving those trucks are also under the influence.

Unfortunately, the American Addiction Centers acknowledge that substance abuse is a common and prevalent problem across the trucking industry. There are several reasons as to why this is the case.

Study shows number of pedestrian-car accidents spiked in 2018

When car accidents are discussed in Kentucky, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is that it was between two vehicles. However, some of the accidents that can place people in the greatest jeopardy to be injured and lose their lives are pedestrian accidents. With the lack of protection pedestrians have, there can be brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, internal injuries and more. With pedestrian accidents, it is not only important to think about the future with a possible legal filing, but it is also imperative to assess statistics of pedestrian-car accidents and consider whether these are useful in a case.

The Governor's Highway Safety Association conducted research showing that there was a spike in pedestrian accidents. They reached their highest amount in 28 years. This is believed to be due, in large part, to distracted drivers and larger-sized vehicles being on the road. According to its calculations, there were more than 6,200 deaths in pedestrian accidents across the nation in 2018. This is after there was a low of approximately 4,100 nine years earlier.

A lawyer can help with a case after rear end car accidents

There are many kinds of auto accidents in Kentucky from head-on collisions to T-bone crashes to auto-pedestrian accidents and much more. One type of accident that is growing in frequency for a variety of reasons is rear end car accidents. People who are not paying attention to the road by looking at a device, changing a radio station, are drowsy or doing anything that removes their eyes from where they should be - the road - can cause a crash. Frequently, that crash involves a vehicle that is stopped in front of them. While all car accidents can cause injury and death, rear end crashes are unique in the kinds of issues that can arise in the aftermath. Having legal advice from a law firm that specializes in rear end accidents is essential when considering a case.

Vehicles that are moving slowly or stopped and get hit from behind are vulnerable. Also vulnerable is the driver and the passengers in the vehicle. Even a car that is moving relatively slowly and rear ends another vehicle can cause extensive damage. In some cases, where the vehicle is moving fast, it can force the rear ended vehicle off the road, into the opposite lanes or into the vehicle in front of them. This can cause catastrophic injuries and death and all that entails.

Nursing home abuse and neglect includes medication errors

When a Kentucky resident needs to put a loved one in a nursing home, it is done so that person will get the care they need to live a life as comfortable and as free of pain as possible. The residents can be elderly, have illnesses, conditions and injuries. Some will need help to do the basics of life and require medication to deal with their issues. The medical staff is tasked with providing care to ensure the residents are safe and cared for properly. Unfortunately, many facilities across the nation fall short in their stated responsibilities. If residents are injured or lose their lives because of that negligence, a legal filing might be necessary to recover compensation for nursing home abuse and neglect.

A nursing home for veterans in South Carolina was cited by federal regulators because it improperly administered medication to one of its residents. The facility was informed of the violation and the penalty in late-January. They are required to substantially comply by June. According to the investigation, the proper way to administer the medication to the patient was not adhered to. These errors occurred in August of last year. In October, the error was reported.

New rules to record road hours have not reduced truck accidents

Residents of Kentucky are keenly aware of the dangers large trucks pose when they share the road with them in conventional passenger vehicles. When there is a crash, people are prone to being injured and killed. Federal regulators and law enforcement are avidly seeking strategies to make the roads safe for those on the road with these large vehicles, but as one new study shows, an attempt to regulate the amount of time truckers spend on the road in one sitting has not reduced the number of truck accidents.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas and Northeastern University assessed the statistics for truck accidents before and after the new electronic logging device were required in every truck and found that the numbers have been essentially the same. In fact, the ELD requirement coincides with a rise in the number of truckers who are cited for speeding. It is believed that drivers are trying to make up for time lost when they were no longer able to go beyond the hours of service by speeding.

Most common injuries for restaurant workers

Kentucky is famous for its rich, delicious cuisine. Bourbon balls and deviled eggs are commonplace for any good potluck in the state. You can also enjoy corn pudding, mutton barbecue and more at countless restaurants in Lexington and beyond. 

Waiters, servers and hosts make sure guests have a wonderful experience when they visit a Kentucky restaurant. However, these employees also face unique risks. It is critical for restaurant workers to be aware of the most common injuries they may experience in their lines of work and know how to reduce their risk of each one. 

Emergency vehicle vs. car accidents can be deadly

Kentucky drivers are aware of the need to be aware and attentive when there are emergency vehicles in the area. Fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles and ambulances are often on the streets and traveling at significant speeds to get to their destination to help others. However, these vehicles are not always in a rush to get to an accident and their drivers can make mistakes just like anyone else. When there is a crash because an emergency vehicle violated the law by failing to yield, there can be ambulance-car accidents that could cause injuries and death - just what those in the ambulance are trying to help people get through. In these accidents, those who were involved or lost a loved one must remember their rights to consider a lawsuit.

A crash in the early morning hours between an ambulance and a car led to the deaths of the two people in the car. The accident occurred at approximately 3 a.m. The ambulance was heading east and tried to turn to the road heading north when it was hit by a vehicle that was going west. The ambulance did not have its emergency lights activated, but there was a patient in the back. The impact flipped the ambulance onto its side. There were three EMS workers in the ambulance along with the patient. All were taken to the hospital and none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening. The people in the vehicle - two men, 23 and 45 - were killed. The passenger died at the site of the crash. The driver died at the hospital. It is possible that fog was a factor and the accident is still under investigation.

Distracted driving car accidents still a pressing worry

In Kentucky and throughout the United States, drivers seemingly cannot resist the urge to grab their cellphones at the first opportunity. These distracted driving behaviors take place regardless of lawmakers and law enforcement entrusting drivers not to do so because of the danger of car accidents accompanying the practice. People can do many things on their cellphones and as a new study indicates, the latest trend is that people are shunning talking on the phone and simply use it to perform other tasks.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, researchers had a 57 percent greater chance of seeing drivers who had their cellphones in their hand, but were using it for reasons other than making calls. These tasks included emailing, texting and more. In its study, IIHS stationed researchers at various locations in Virginia to gauge driver behaviors with cellphones. This is a similar study to one it conducted in 2014. Its results show that drivers are behaving in a riskier way with their devices. When comparing the studies, there was not a rise in overall distracted driving, but drivers are doing different things with their devices than they did in the past when talking on the phone was more prevalent.

Truck overloading is unsafe and opens a company to liability

While many trucking companies are careful to avoid overloading violations, others are more interested in the profits hauling extra cargo can bring in. However, too many things can go wrong when too much cargo is on board. Overloading a big rig makes travel unsafe and opens a trucking company and other parties to liability.

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