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Fatal Kentucky crash involving a dump truck

Commercial trucks serve many purposes. Whether it is a semi-truck making a shipment, a delivery truck dropping off a package, a construction truck carrying supplies or a garbage truck picking up waste, these large vehicles share the roads with other automobiles on a daily basis. While these drivers are required to drive safely, following the rules of the road and of the trucking industry, negligence and recklessness can happen. This could be the cause of a serious or even fatal truck crash.

According to recent reports, a fatal truck accident took place in Warsaw. Authorities in Kentucky stated that the crash involved a pickup truck and a dump truck. The two-vehicle crash took place on U.S. 42 at Kentucky 1039 during the afternoon hours.

Birth control implant linked to dangerous side effects

It is the only permanent, nonsurgical form of birth control available on the American market, but a new order from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns users about the dangers of the contraceptive Essure. Launched in 2002, Bayer’s Essure has been plagued by reports of ineffectiveness and side effects over the years, with users submitting more than 12,000 “adverse event” reports relating to the birth control device in 2017 alone.

Users logged another 5,000 complaints about Essure between 2002 and May of 2015, leading the FDA to require that the product manufacturer, Bayer, add a black-box warning to the product, which is the strictest safety warning the agency can issue.

What damages are suffered from nursing home negligence and abuse?

Kentuckians all want what is best for our loved ones. As they age, though, it might be difficult to care for them in their old age. In some cases, the best option for them is to live in a nursing home facility. These facilities are often equipped with all the needs one has, providing nurses and caregivers to help care for them. While many nursing homes meet or exceed the needs and expectations of their residents, others fail to do so by not ensuring the health and wellbeing on their residents.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a concern when a loved one is placed in such a facility. Even though one never expect such a situation to arise, the unfortunate reality is that nursing abuse could occur. And when it happens, elderly residents and their loved ones are left suffering pain, losses and damages. This is when it becomes important to file an action for damages.

Helping protect our client's rights following a car crash

When we travel past an accident site, we likely feel upset and concern for those involved. However, we also feel relief that it was not us. We often think that this will never happen to us. We feel like we cannot fall victim to a serious traffic accident. Unfortunately, every time a person gets behind the wheel, he or she increases their chance of being involved in an automobile accident.

Although motorists in Kentucky and elsewhere are under the impression that drivers will follow the rules of the road, this does not always happen. There are distractions, drivers get tired and even some motorists decide to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too much to drink. This is not only problematic, but also dangerous, causing individuals in the Lexington area to fall victim to an automobile collision.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

Thanks to modern medicine and the tendency to live an active lifestyle, Americans are living longer than ever. Because of this, individuals in Kentucky and elsewhere must take the time to plan for their care later in life. For some families, this means family members taking care of aging loved ones. In some cases, nursing homes are designated where a loved one will live and be cared for in their old age. But, choosing a nursing home comes with its own perils, like nursing home abuse.

What are the signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse? These facilities can be excellent places where the needs of the residents are beyond met. However, some unfortunate events could occur at nursing homes. The care of a loved one could be compromised by the negligence and abuse of those working at the facility.

The dangers of drowsy driving

Whether a person is tired in the early hours of the day, overworked and exhausted in the afternoon or are getting sleeping during the late night hours, fatigued driving can be a serious hazard.

Drowsy driving may not seem like a major deal, as many drivers still drive while distracted and intoxicated. However, driving while fatigued is rather dangerous and is considered to be just as dangerous if not more dangerous that drunk driving. This makes it a major issue and a safety concern on roadways across the nation.

3 signs you can file a lawsuit for your workplace injury

If you get hurt at work, you are not alone. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there were over 40,000 nonfatal work injuries in Kentucky in 2016. You may assume your only course of action in this situation is to file a workers' compensation claim. However, you may be able to get more money to cover the consequences of your workplace injury.

You may have the ability to sue your employer or a third party to get sufficient compensation. Here are some situations in which filing a personal injury lawsuit is a possible course of action.

18 students injured in Kentucky bus crash

During the weekday, students often rely on school buses to transport them to and from their home and school. While this is a very common and relatively safe way to travel to and from school, these large vehicles can present some dangers on the roadways. They do not maneuver the same way as smaller vehicles, require more distance to stop and they have large blind spots. Bus drivers are tasked with driving these vehicles safely and according to current regulations. Additionally, other motorists are required to follow the rules of the road and obey and additional rules when traveling near school buses.

A recent bus accident involving a school bust and an automobile has left individual in Kentucky with many questions, as it is not exactly clear how this collision happened. Based on preliminary reports, the accident involved a school bus transporting students to Louisville elementary school.

The dangers of drowsy driving

We all get tried from time to time. Whether it is a rough nights sleep, you are up late working on a deadline or are ill, it can be tough to get through the day when you do not get enough sleep. Lack o sleep can show in our social interactions and work productivity. It can also impact our abilities to do some activities, such as driving a motor vehicle. In fact, getting behind the wheel when you are drowsy is considered to be rather risky and could be even more dangerous than drunk driving.

Not getting enough shut-eye can play a significant role in a person's cognitive functioning. Based on current statistics, an estimated 35 percent of drivers in the U.S. get the recommended sleep, which is a minimum of seven hours a night. Driving while tired was not looked at as a serious problem, despite the fact that is causes severe accidents every year.

How does truck driving fatigue impact HOS laws?

Large trucks, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are essential for intrastate and interstate commerce to be successful. Thus, many motorists often share the road with many of these vehicles traveling long and short distances. Truck drivers are trained to safely operate these vehicles and to follow federal trucking regulations. Despite this training, truck drivers are compelled to work long hours to make more money and to comply with a trucking companies need to meet deadlines.

The need to make shipments on time or ahead of schedule tends to question whether truck drivers are complying with hours of service regulations. It also begs to question whether these drivers are overworked and possibly fatigued behind the wheel, as this poses serious risks for truck accidents.

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