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Nursing home abuse cited for facility's closure

Kentucky nursing homes are expected to provide proper care to their residents and ensure they are safe and protected. When there is evidence of mistreatment or negligence, injury and illness can result. This can send people to the hospital or even lead to their death. For relatives of nursing home residents who show evidence of abuse or neglect, it is crucial to understand what steps to take.

A significant threat these facilities face from allegations of nursing home abuse is that their federal funding will be withdrawn. When this happens, the facility could be forced to close. That is what is believed to be happening at a Kentucky facility. The facility is losing its Medicare funding because it has not met the proper safety and health regulations. Medicare stated that the funding is stopping in mid-September.

Risk of truck accidents shown in crash and fire

Truck accidents are a major risk on the road in Kentucky. This is true no matter what time it is or what the weather situation is. Since trucks are a constant on the road and they are so large and travel at significant speeds, a crash with one can lead to severe injuries and death. Innocent bystanders who are simply minding their own business can find themselves with massive medical costs, lost time at work and other problems due to truck accidents. The cargo that trucks are carrying can also be dangerous and they can be heavy adding to the force of impact, or flammable to start a fire.

A semi-truck crashed into a smaller vehicle. Since the truck was carting liquor, it caught fire after the crash. The incident happened in the afternoon at around 4:30 p.m. According to the law enforcement investigation, the truck went into the emergency lane on the road where a stalled vehicle was sitting. It is not known why the trucker drifted. It hit the smaller vehicle while a person was in it. The truck ignited. The trucker was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening. The person in the vehicle was said to have suffered minor injuries in the crash. The road was closed as the alcohol was cleared.

Danger of bike vs. car accidents evident after hit-and-run crash

Kentucky drivers are expected to stop and help others who might have been injured after car accidents. This is especially true when it is an accident between a car and a bicycle. Since bicyclists are so vulnerable to injuries and fatalities, time and acting rapidly can be the differentiating factors in helping someone who was hit by a motor vehicle when on a bicycle. If the driver chooses to flee the scene, it goes from an accident to an act that could lead to criminal charges. These situations are worse when the accident is with a child on a bicycle. Those who have been hurt in these car accidents should be aware of their options to seek compensation.

A local mayor was involved in a car vs. bicycle accident in which he hit a 15-year-old girl as she crossed the street in a crosswalk. The man drove away in his Chevrolet Tahoe and later claimed he was unaware he had hit anyone until he later returned to the scene. He was cited for violations. The incident occurred in the evening at around 7 p.m. The girl was in the crosswalk riding her bike along with two other people. The car hit her and left. Her mother took her to the hospital for treatment, but she was flown from there to another hospital.

A lawyer can help with a case of nursing home abuse and neglect

When a family in Lexington makes the difficult decision to place an elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home, they are expecting the care to be up to industry standards, for medication to be dispensed correctly and on time, and for the person not to be victimized by neglect or mistreatment. Unfortunately, the news is littered with stories of nursing home residents being subjected to various forms of abuse. When there is evidence or a belief that nursing home abuse and neglect is taking place, having legal assistance to investigate the claims and move forward with a legal filing is critical.

Since elderly and ill people are inherently vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment, it is important that any incident in which this takes place be investigated and the guilty parties be held accountable. That includes the perpetrator of the act and the facility itself. Residents can be injured, have worsened condition, need hospitalization and treatment, and even die because of this abuse. Knowing the signs and examining the case individually is key.

Helping you take action after falling victim to a truck accident

It is nearly impossible to travel on any major roadway in Kentucky or any other state without encountering a commercial truck. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are relied on to transport goods to their final destinations. Therefore, these vehicles are used by multiple industries, causing the constant and rising truck traffic on the roadways. While there are many benefits for large commercial trucks, they come with many risks that could result in a truck crash.

A truck accident is unlike other types of wrecks. To begin, they involve massive vehicles that are likely to cause a large accident site. Additionally, the driver of a truck is operating the vehicle for work, causing his or her employer to potentially be involved in liability for the crash. Finally, a truck accident is likely to cause serious injuries, severe damages and even death. Thus, it is important that victims have a knowledgeable and reliable team on their side.

Watch out for those loose sewer and manhole covers

One issue that most drivers in the Lexington area give little thought to involves manhole covers. Everywhere you drive, there are sewer covers on the streets. The problem with manhole covers is when they are loose, they are a danger to motorists and pedestrians that can result in injuries and death.

In an ideal world, all manhole covers are properly secured and in place to prevent accidents. In real life, thousands of people end up in hospitals and morgues because of car accidents caused by loose and missing manhole covers. Here are some pointers to help you avoid issues with sewer lids while you are on the roads:

What are the common causes of truck crashes?

The trucking industry plays a vital role in society. Because of this, the number of trucks on the roadways across the nation will likely continue to grow, as the trucking industry is critical to intrastate and interstate commerce. Despite the fact that trucks are very useful, they pose many dangers to society as well. These vehicles are massive in size and weight, and because they do not maneuver the same way as other vehicles, they are prone to serious and fatal truck collisions.

What are the common causes of truck crashes? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a large truck crash study as a means to understand why large truck crashes occurred. While commercial truck crashes are complex, researchers found major factors. This includes fatigue, intoxication and speeding. These three factors are not always involved in a truck crash, but they are common contributors.

The dangers of distracted driving and cellphone usage by drivers

For most people, it would be difficult to get through the day without using a cellphone. To many, this piece of technology is their lifeline. It provides communication capabilities as well as entertainment. Whether it is for work or personal matters, many individuals tend to also use their phones wile driving. While it is well known that this growing trend is dangerous, many still partake in it. Unfortunately, it does not matter how good of a driver a person is, when a motorist is distracted because of cellphone use, it could cause a serious automobile accident.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, the use of cellphones by motorists have unintended consequences, such as serious and even fatal automobile crashes. Even though distracted driving is dangerous, many still partake in this risky behavior. In fact, the FCC found that roughly 9 people are killed and another 1,000 are injured on a daily basis in the U.S. due to a distracted driver.

Lexington car crash sends 2 to hospital

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle, one thing is clear: this activity deserves and requires the full attention of the driver. Whether it is for a mere second to answer a phone call, change the radio station or look at a passenger in a vehicle, not keeping one's eyes on the road, hands on the wheel or mind on driving can cause a serious automobile collision. This not only puts a motorist in danger but also others traveling near them on the roadways.

According to recent reports, a car crash occurred on a loop exit ramp in Lexington. Based on witness accounts, a black van was traveling in the inner loop exit ramp to Nicholasville Road when the vehicle suddenly swerved, rear-ending a stopped vehicle. This collision caused the van to overturn, hitting another vehicle.

What are common signs and types of elder abuse?

While it might seem natural to place an aging loved one in a nursing home, it is b no means an easy step to take. Although it is ideal to care for a loved one when it is clear that he or she can no longer care for him or herself, this is not always feasible. In these matters, a nursing home can be an excellent way for loved ones to obtain the care they need. Many of these facilities are perfectly safe, providing adequate care. Unfortunately, some do not meet this standard, as the negligence and ill acts of employees may result in elder abuse.

What are common signs and types of elder abuse? With regards to physical abuse, one should look for unexplained bruises, injuries, broken bones or marks on their bodies. These injuries could also be the result of the failure to give the required medication, using restrains and even drugging a resident with unnecessary medication. When it comes to neglect, this can look like failing to change their clothing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, clipping nails, not helping to get them to the bathroom, bed sores, not giving medications as prescribed by the doctor or failing to provide basic needs or the attention needed.

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