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Who can be included as a defendant in a truck accident case?

Truck accidents in Kentucky have the potential to be more costly and dangerous than accidents between two passenger vehicles. After all, a standard automobile is simply no match for a fully loaded semi-truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Truck accidents can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities.

If a truck accident victim believes the driver of the truck is responsible for the damages the victim suffered, the victim may wish to pursue a lawsuit in order to seek financial compensation. When filing a truck accident lawsuit, however, it is important for the victim to include all possible defendants. While of course the driver of the truck may be named as a defendant, there may be other defendants as well.

Snapchat and other smartphone apps pose risks for teen drivers

Your teen is about to be behind the wheel. As a busy parent you are conflicted about this milestone. It will be nice that your child can finally drive to and from practice. You’ve shuffled them around for years and you definitely deserve a break. You are also terrified that your child will be behind the wheel. You’ve taught them how to be safe. You had your teen study driving manuals and gone over precautions. Yet, you worry.

Teens are often glued to their phones. We live in a world where technology is literally at our fingertips at all times. You’ve told your teen they aren’t allowed to use their phone while they drive, but you still worry that they might. Phone applications may make it tempting for your teen to use their phone while they drive.

What factors contribute to nursing home abuse and neglect?

It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes our most vulnerable individuals are taken advantage of, neglected or even abused by those who are tasked with caring for them. When we place a loved one in a nursing home, we hope that they will take good care of our loved one. However, nursing home abuse and neglect does occur. It is important, then, for people in Lexington to understand what risk factors contribute to elder abuse.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some risk factors that may lead to elder abuse are on an individual level. For example, a person who has a mental illness, is hostile or who is an alcoholic may be more likely to commit elder abuse. Being unprepared for the rigors it takes to care for the elderly, or taking on caregiving while young can also lead to abuse and neglect, as can inadequate coping skills. Also, those who experienced child abuse may be more apt to commit elder abuse.

Seek legal help for your truck accident claim

Semi-trucks are an essential part of commerce in Kentucky and nationwide. They make it possible for goods produced in Kentucky to be shipped as far away as Maine or California and everywhere in between. However, there are dangers associated with having semi-trucks on the road.

First of all, it takes training to be a semi-truck driver. These vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. They must make wide turns, and they cannot stop on a dime. It is important that semi-truck drivers understand the limitations of their vehicles and handle them accordingly. If a semi-truck driver fails to operate their vehicle with due care, it could cause an accident.

Construction zone accident in Kentucky kills six

Driving through construction zones can be frustrating, to say the least. Lane changes and reduced speed limits can lead to congestion and slow-downs in traffic. The mere sight of those orange barrels and flashing signs may cause a driver to groan. However, they are there for a reason--to keep both motorists and workers safe. The failure to pay attention to changes in traffic when in a construction zone can lead to severe or even fatal car accidents.

A catastrophic four-vehicle collision lead to the deaths of six individuals in Kentucky. The accident took place on Interstate 65 in Bowling Green. The part of the interstate where the accident occurred was reduced from three lanes to two, due to construction activity, and there was traffic congestion. Signs about the construction were up as were orange barrels.

Can nursing homes in Kentucky make arbitration mandatory?

People in Lexington who enter a nursing home naturally expect that they will receive quality care. Unfortunately, instances of nursing home abuse and neglect do happen. When they do, residents or their families may want to pursue legal action. However, can a nursing home make arbitration mandatory as a condition of admittance?

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed a measure that would remove rules that keep nursing homes from making mandatory arbitration a condition that potential residents must agree to before being admitted to the nursing home. The Obama administration overhauled the rule as it stands now, but these changes have not yet been made effective, due to ongoing litigation.

Could self-driving trucks reduce truck accidents?

Many people in Lexington may have slowly noticed technology overtaking roles once held by people. For example, many grocery stores now have self check-out lines, where customers can scan, bag and pay for their items at a kiosk, rather than having these transactions handled by cashiers and baggers. Also, many jobs in the manufacturing industry that were once held by people have now been replaced with robotics. However, one group of researchers thinks, that within the next 10 years, automated technology could be installed on semi-trucks, replacing the role once held by truck drivers.

Trucking is a big industry. According to the American Trucking Association, as many as 3.5 million people drive trucks for a living. However, the Los Angeles Times reports that by 2027, 1.7 million truck drivers will lose their jobs to self-driving trucks. In fact, one company, Otto, has created self-driving trucks that can go a long time without necessitating a human operator.

Antipsychotic misuse linked to nursing home abuse and neglect

Working with people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease has its challenges. However, these individuals still deserve to be treated with care and respect. Kentucky residents may be concerned to hear that some nursing home staff fail to properly care for those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease and, instead, simply sedate these residents with antipsychotic drugs, a practice that can be very dangerous.

According to a June 15 study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, per a government initiative, the use of antipsychotic drugs administered to long-term residents in nursing homes has gone down 33 percent since 2012. However, some in the mental health groups are still concerned with the fact that around 270,000 residents of nursing homes are administered antipsychotics as a means to manage the actions of those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's. These groups claim that more protection against the unnecessary use of antipsychotic drugs is needed.

Exhausted truckers put travelers at risk

A June USA Today story illustrates why devastating truck accidents are to be expected.

Titled "RIGGED: Forced into debt, worked past exhaustion, left with nothing," the article shows how the demands of trucking companies push drivers to their physical limit, so that wipeouts on our highways are commonplace.

Car accidents victims deal with physical and financial suffering

Car accidents are so common that they often get lumped together when you discuss them with other people. But car accidents have a wide array of causes and details, and they all matter from a legal standpoint.

There are rollover accidents, rear-end accidents, and drunk driving accidents. There are texting drivers, negligent drivers and speeding drivers. There are pedestrians and bicyclists that could be involved, let alone the drivers and passengers of the cars too. There are many different factors to consider with any given car crash.

But with all of this variety in the circumstances of a car wreck, there is one constant: the victims will suffer both physically and financially.

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