Seek Justice And Compensation After A Wrongful Death

After a loved one's life is cut short, family members have the right to get answers to questions such as: Why did this happen? Could the death have been prevented? At Herren & Adams LLP, our attorneys are here to help you figure out what happened.

What Happens After Filing A Wrongful Death Claim?

In the event that a death was caused by an act of negligence, family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. With a wrongful death claim, family members can hold the negligent party accountable, possibly preventing future deaths. Family members can also get money for economic damages such as medical expenses, funeral costs and loss of wages that the deceased would have contributed to the family. Noneconomic damages may also be available for loss of companionship and more.

We Will Walk This Difficult Road Together

Our lawyers understand how difficult these matters can be. You want to be with your family, not in a law office or in the courtroom. Still, you want justice, and you should not have to address the costs that come in the aftermath of a loved one's death on your own. We are here to take on this burden for you, using our 35-plus years of experience to pursue a positive resolution in this challenging matter.

We will start by reviewing your case in a free consultation. Then we will take action to get answers to your questions. We will find out why this happened and determine who was responsible, so we can hold them accountable. We will pursue your case through negotiation or trial, as appropriate.

While we recognize that no amount of money can undo the loss that you have suffered, we will fight to get all of the money you and your family need so that you do not have to suffer financially because of someone else's negligence.

Schedule A Free Case Evaluation And Plan The Next Steps

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