The Elements Of A Products Liability Claim

Just because you were injured by a product does not mean that you have a products liability claim.

Here our lawyers provide an overview of what comprises a products liability claim and what to do if you believe you have a case.

There Was An Injury Or Loss

Many times, there are events that almost happened to you, but without documented injury or monetary loss. Having a nurse in our office allow us to fully evaluate your case and your medical records to determine the extent of the injury and how it has impacted your life.

The Product Was Defective

Through years of experience, we have become experts in litigating defective product cases. We have established relationships with nationally recognized engineers, developers, physicians and researchers allowing us to determine how the product is/was defective.

The Injury Or Loss Was Caused By The Defect

For a case to be successful, it is not enough to claim that our client was injured while using the defective product. We must explain and demonstrate how the use caused the injury.

Many cases are straightforward. However, others require vast knowledge of development, production and marketing. As products liability attorneys, we have vast knowledge of product design, and through our experience and research, we are able to represent our clients during trial or case negotiations.

The Product Was Used As Intended

As a component of our case evaluation, we determine if you were using the product as intended by the manufacturer or as reasonably expected by any customer. Moving forward, we clearly communicate this with the manufacturer as we represent you against the product manufacturer.

Most defective product cases are very complex and require experienced products liability attorneys. We have successfully represented many clients injured by faulty products and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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