Representing Injured Parties In Franklin County

Motor vehicle crash data released in November of 2015 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlined many circumstances that led to accidents occurring in the nation. Of these, most concerning are accidents related to:

  • Speeding
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Alcohol use

Of the 672 fatalities that occurred in Kentucky in 2014, 171 or 25 percent were considered alcohol-related fatalities

Franklin County/Frankfort police and government officials have worked hard to improve the safety of the roads. Their actions have paid off. The number of vehicular deaths has significantly decreased since 2010. Unfortunately, of the deaths that have occurred, the number related to alcohol impairment has doubled.

Herren and Adams joined forces more than 25 years ago. We have substantial experience working with families and victims of automobile accidents. We are keenly aware of the pain and suffering an individual goes through as the result of broken bones, amputations, brain trauma and other profound injuries. We understand well what it takes to heal from cervical sprains and strains and the financial impact of physical therapy.

Kentucky's No-Fault Law

The Kentucky state legislature has defined Kentucky as a modified no-fault state. This means that money reimbursed for lost wages and medical costs will be provided by the victim's personal car insurance. Over our many years of practice we have found that victims of car accidents are best supported and represented when they have an attorney well experienced in Kentucky Motor Vehicle Reparations Act, KRS 304.39-010, et seq., or the modified no-fault law.

Interstate Travel

Besides many rural roads, Interstate 64 navigates through Franklin County, Kentucky. Frankfort residents are very aware that the interstate and US 60 are very busy roads that support not only commuters, but also interstate trucking companies utilizing these roads to ship products. Haulage on the interstate is governed by federal laws created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We have years of experience managing these types of accident cases in federal court and have arrived at successful resolution of these cases.

Vehicle Products Liability

Faulty vehicle components can lead to accidents, injury and death. Faulty ignitions, tires and support beams are just a few examples of components that may be created with manufacturing defects. Drivers and/or passengers injured due to vehicle mechanical failure may be entitled to compensation according to Kentucky products liability law. The state of Kentucky identifies the basis for lawsuits against manufacturers of motor vehicles and their component parts when these elements are defective and unreasonably dangerous.

See our Verdicts and Settlements page. We have represented numerous clients that have sustained injuries associated with failed automotive components such as gasoline tank fires and defective tires and reached noteworthy verdicts and settlements.

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