Fayette County

Traffic Safety Performance Measures for the United States collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report the rate of fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes is much higher in Kentucky than the national average. While the rate has been decreasing in Kentucky, when evaluating traffic safety facts for Lexington-Fayette County the number of deaths has nearly doubled in recent years while the number of deaths of passengers in automobiles has nearly tripled. Most crash-related fatalities in Fayette County happen at intersections.

As attorneys who represent those injured in car accidents, we at Law Offices of Herren & Adams LLP are very concerned by these trends. We have broad experience representing individuals involved in car crashes and families of victims of automobile accidents. Through our many years of experience we have become very familiar with the many injuries that can occur as the result of vehicular accidents. Many of the common complaints that our clients describe following an accident are back and neck pain as well as headache. These injuries may be long-standing and lead to loss of work, loss of revenue and the need for ongoing medical care. We have also represented individuals with catastrophic injuries such as amputations, crush injuries, fractures, brain and abdominal injuries.

Kentucky's No-Fault Law

Not all states have comprehensive laws to protect victims of car accidents. In Kentucky we are a modified no-fault state. The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Reparations Act, KRS 304.39-010, et seq., defines how personal auto insurance will be utilized to help support the injured when wages are lost. We believe that the best support and guidance following an accident is provided by a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with this statute.

Vehicle Products Liability

As residents of Fayette County and attorneys in this community, we are aware that there are many factors that contribute to accidents. It has been our experience that some collisions are caused by faulty equipment within the motor vehicle. Kentucky law allows for litigation and compensation for victims and their families when an automobile component is defective or dangerous. We have represented individuals who have been injured or killed because of faulty tires and fuel tanks. Additionally, we have been very successful litigating cases in which our clients were injured due to faulty automobile manufacturer design or seat belt failures. See our Verdicts & Settlements page. We have represented numerous clients who have sustained injuries as a result of failed automotive components and reached significant verdicts and settlements.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury or death in a motor vehicle crash and you live in Lexington-Fayette County, click here or call us at 859-254-0024. We would really like to talk with you about your accident and discuss how we can help.