Side Impact Collisions

Side impact crashes can be more dangerous than head-on or rear-end crashes. A side impact collision occurs when an oncoming vehicle strikes another vehicle on the side.

When the assaulting vehicle strikes another vehicle on the passenger's or driver's door, the accident is referred to as a T-bone or T-type accident.

When the assaulting vehicle strikes the front or rear side panels another vehicle, this is referred to as a "L" type of accident.

As attorneys working with individuals and families involved in side impact car wrecks, we know that:

  • 3.18 million side impact crashes occur each year
  • Side impact collisions are more deadly than front/rear impact accidents
  • The passenger or driver of a vehicle struck on the side panel will suffer more injuries because the sides of automobiles have relatively little space to absorb energy or shield occupants
  • Head and chest injuries are the most common type of injuries in side impact accidents
  • 9,400 deaths occur annually from side impact collisions.

Over the years, Lexington Attorneys Tom Herren and Chuck Adams have seen many changes in vehicles. Because of the changes, the injuries suffered by our clients in a side impact crashes have profoundly increased.


  • Today 50% vehicles sold are SUVs, trucks or vans
  • SUVs, trucks and vans are heavier, stiffer and ride higher than the standard car.
  • In a side impact collision involving a SUV, truck or van, the higher, stiffer bumper is at the level of the car driver/passenger head or "eye" height.
  • In the side impact collision with the SUV, truck or van, the struck driver/passenger is 30 times more likely to die than the driver of the larger, heavier vehicle
  • Children and elderly are at the highest risk of injury in a side impact accident

Kentucky has some unique factors as well.

  • Alcohol and drug related crashes continue to be a huge problem in Kentucky
  • There continues to be low seat belt usage rates in many areas of Kentucky
  • Speed is one of the most common contributing factors in car crashes
  • Teen drivers are involved in a higher percentage of automobile accidents than other drivers
  • Most accidents occur on the divided interstate
  • Many accidents occur on wet or snow covered roads or at night

As personal injury attorneys, we know how important it is to understand these specific factors as we work with our clients following car accidents to describe and explain the injuries that occurred as the result of a wreck.

As attorneys from Kentucky, we work with experts in accident construction, healthcare and rehabilitation in order to ensure that our clients receive the best results following an accident.

We have been consistently successful at trial representing our clients as they pursue claims against insurance companies and those that have caused harm.

If you, a family member or friend have been injured in an accident, we invite you to call us today. We routinely meet with the victims of accidents in their homes, in the hospital or at the rehabilitation facility. It is our focus to provide personal attention at all times, but most importantly during the time of crisis.